The problem is the high school students do not have a short period of free time to let out energy, refuel, and refocus during the day.
We have this problem because in the past when we did have a short break students abused it by making messes in the hallways, leaving trash everywhere, and getting out of control.‚Äč

Having student break is very serious to the people that attend school. It affects everyone in the building from head administrators to teachers and students. Even though having a student break may seem important to those who it affects, it is not really a serious problem to those in the community who do not attend school.
The problem is important to every student throughout the high school and it is even important to some teachers as well. Teachers and students who used to have student break before it was taken away enjoyed having that privilege. This could affect parents as well because some parents believe that students should have a student break.
This problem should be handled by government because the government decides the schools curriculum. Parents and students in the community could also take responsibility for solving the problem because its their children that go to school and they should have a say in whether there should be a break during school. Currently, there is no public policy dealing with the student break issue. This is because in the past the policy dealing with student break was dismissed due to abuse of the situation and break.

Some disagreements that exist in our community about the problem are that the students in high school are old enough to handle themselves and the way they act. Some also say that students have enough free time such as study, gym, or lunch to refuel and let out energy. Students do not need less learning time then they already have.
Interest In The Problem
The major individuals or groups with an interest in this problem are high school students and teachers. Their interest in the problem was that there should be a break during school. Students thought that having a break during school would help them concentrate more in their classes. Teachers thought that it was a good idea because we used to have it and it would be interesting to try it again. Advantages of the positions their taking are that students would have a break during school to let out energy and refocus during the day. Disadvantages of their positions are that there would have to be teachers in the hallways and classrooms watching the students. They could try to influence government to adopt their views by going to town meetings or talking to someone on the school board. Local government is responsible for dealing with the problem. It is currently not doing anything about it.

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The political cartoon on the left shows how students miss having a break, and that they want it back. The political cartoon on the right shows that students need a break, because they need a break, so they can relax and refuel, so they can focus better on school.