calling cards
calling cards


The Problem: Our February vacation is pointless for most. We have a Christmas break, February break, and a month after that we have April break. The students don't retain the information that is taught before school gets out during the summer so instead of having February break, we should get out a week earlier by eliminating February Break.

The advantage of any policy is that it provides a common understanding of what is expected of everyone.

Explanation: In the summer time the classes get hot and it is hard for the students to concentrate. Our school doesn't use the AC much and spending several hour in a hot school can take it's toll on the students. We don't do much in the winter when it is cold and we don't like to go outside. We would rather external image winterbreak.gifhave more summer time so we can go places like the beach, hang out with friends, or get ice cream.
I(Kady) interviewed one of our teachers about are proposal and he said that the students find it hard to remember what the class went over before they all went on winter break. Then when all the students come back they have to go over the materiel again. He said that it was a waste of class time. He also said that the students would be just as happy to have a four day weekend. That way we get a break from school but we don't forget what we were learning in school.

The Board of Education Member that I(Deanna) interviewed seemed to disagree with this saying that February break is needed since many students get sick during this time and it gives them the chance to not only catch up on any work they missed but also gives them time to rest and get better. Plus with the problem with the budget, heating the school during that week would cost alot of money. Some families use the February break as vacation time so that the student does not miss school.

‚ÄčI(Keith) tried to interview many people over the phone and realized people in this town do not want to take the time to take part in my questionnaire.