As we all know, the roads in our little town of Thompson Connecticut are not the best. Us as citizens are doing what we can to help and try to pass a public policy to get the roads fixed. We have decided that half of Pompeo road should be at least re paved. Many people’s cars will be affected by the roads along with a risk of injuries. However there are a few road bumps in the way such as the cost of the road and who will fix the road. by reaserching how much it would be to fix a road, we concluded it would be five dollars per square yard to just pave the road, however it would cost thirty dollars per square yard to just remake a whole new road by ripping up the old one and repaving.

Currently in our town, there is not a public policy dealing with the roads. There is no policy because the town does not have a lot of revenue and money. The town also does not see the roads as being that serious of a problem right now.


The road we are trying to get re-paved is Pompeo Road located in North Grosvenor dale, Thompson, CT. The seriousness level of this problem depends on how many people use this road. People living on the road have to drive on it every day, which means if this road is bad enough it was cause expensive damage to their car. This road is also dangerous of the pot holes because they may cause accidents.This problem mostly affects the people actually living on the street, but who ever does drive on it, is affected.


· Disagreements between the people in the community are that the roads are not that bad and that the money should be put to other things.
· The people with an interest in the problem are the people who drive on the roads everyday and the companies who have large trucks that are affected by the roads.
· Their interest is if the road is fixed and paved, there would not be such damage to the cars. The companies that drive large trucks would end up making more money because they would not have to spend so much on their trucks.
· Most of the people are not considering fixing the roads because they believe that they are not that bad and that the money should be put into other things such as the school budget.
· However if the money is put into the school budget the school will have more money and it will be a better learning experience. Though the streets will not be fixed and the busses could in turn become damaged and peoples cars will continue to get damaged and could cause certain injuries.
· The problem is that no one is trying to convince the government to adopt the views however people should start.
· The local government is responsible for dealing with the problem. They are not currently doing anything about the problem because they do not see it as a big enough issue.


The government needs to handle this problem because; the money needed to pave the road would come from our budget. After we find out the price of how much it would cost for us to fix the road, the government would have to okay if we could spend the money in order to pay for the services of a company. Also the government would have to set up a detour route in order for people to get to where they need to go when they normally take Pompeo Road. Some people should take responsibility with the project of repairing the road because the people who live on Pompeo would be getting a huge benefit of having their road repaired. Mainly the town government would have to get the okay with the people living on Pompeo because for a little while, people are not allowed on the road