Namesssssssss.jpgAdditional Road Maintenance CartoonsWhite_Block.jpg This is a map of the federal road construction in the United States
This is a news article from Detroit stating why fixing roads makes more jobs.

The main point of our policy is to try to get Pompeo Road fixed or repaved. We plan to have a survey that will ask the people
of Thompson that live and do not live on Pompeo if they feel it needs to be fixed, repaired, and also if any other roads need repaired etc. People that would most likely adopt or want this public policy to be passed are the people that live on the road or use the roads daily to get to their desired destination. A way that we could gain the peoples support is by showing how strongly we feel about getting this done. People that could be against the repair of Pompeo road are the ones that live on connecting roads, people on Pompeo and People who would want their road repaved instead of Pompeo. The reason why people living on connecting roads and on Pompeo rd might not want this to be passed is because of the noise and the consistent passing of trucks and large vehicles. A way that we could gain the people support that would not normally support this policy is by telling them that the roads would be safer to drive on and that construction wouldn’t be around forever. If the people who didn’t support the plan were against it for just the noise reason we could tell them that the noise would dissipate after awhile.

1. After taking a survey about Pompeo Road in Thompson, Connecticut, 75% of Tourtellotte Memorial High School students say that they or other family members have driven on the road often. Also, 85% of students say that Pompeo Road needs improvement. Some students also said that their families would contribute to the reconstruction of Pompeo Road financially. 66% of students say that the town should consider Pompeo Road a concern. The majority of people surveyed believed that on a scale of one to ten, rating the severity of the road, Pompeo Road is a ten. After explaining to people that the damage of this road can cause major damage to cars and can even cause accidents, students started to feel more strongly about this road being repaved.

Way to get this public policy passed.
· Go to the Town Hall and Explain to them what we are doing and how this will help the community and people that travel on Pompeo rd.
· We could contact some private paving companies on how much it would cost, how long it would take and what date they could do it.
· Examples are: Advanced **Road** Construction & **Paving** Call 943-PAVE (7283)
ALCO PAVING, INC. Call [585]288-2239

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