The students at Tourtellotte Memorial High School are proposing to get out of school for Summer break earlier. Most students get distracted very easily from the heat and do not want to pay attention or work during the last weeks of June. Obtaining summer jobs is a struggle for students and faculty who attend school later in the summer months. Faculty and students are unable to obtain summer jobs because most employers seek employees towards the beginning of June. The amount of knowledge a student retains lessens over a vacation, thus forcing teachers to provide overviews to their lessons. This wastes time and is not beneficial to the students education. Our group's proposal is to cut February vacation to lengthen summer vacation. The town of Thompson and the Board of Education would have to deal with this proposal and decide whether or not they approve.


Advantages: Students would be more focused

Disadvantages: The school would need to pay for heating during our February vacation because students would be in the building. This costs extra money the town may not have.


Taking away February break and extending the five days to summer vacation is providing for the general welfare. General welfare stated in the Constitution states that the government has to do what the people want. Most of the students at Tourtellotte do want to get rid of February break because it is unnecessary. This public policy respects all of the rights of the government including the right of freedom of religion, freedom of expression, due process of law, privacy, and the equality of opportunity. By taking away February break and simply moving it to the summer, still includes the necessary days that all of the schools need to have, keeping equal opportunity to learn. The government will not violate this policy because the school’s vacation schedule is set inside of the district and state.