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Students, staff, parents, and other members in the local community are all effected by the Tourtellotte Memorial High School's calendar. It is the Board Of Education's job to determine a well-structured school schedule to employ into the school's framework. This calendar that is created addresses problems such as vacation times, half days, teacher development days, and more.

As many people know, when creating documents such as a calendar or schedule that effects the daily lives of many people, there can be controversy and debate over which compromises should be chosen.
In this circumstance, there are several suggested proposals that hope to better the TMHS school-wide calendar and February vacation schedule.
These alternative policies include:
Current Policy.

  • The current policy contains a Febuary vacation that is nine days long, including two weekends.

  • This policy gives the students and teachers a vacation after their holiday break.

  • Also this policy makes the school get out five days later and that makes the summer vacation five days shorter.

Lengthening Summer vacation by cutting February break.
  • If the February break was cut, we could subtract the omitted days to the end of the school year, giving us a longer Summer by about one week.
  • If the February break was cut, the families could not go on vacation during that time period, there would be a greater chance of spreading colds/viruses, and the school would have to pay more money to heat the school during that time.


Having a half day every/every-other Friday.

  • This plan would give the students and staff a break on the selected Fridays and a longer weekend while still meeting the 180 minimum requirements of days.
  • This plan would provide less time for the teachers to teach on these half days.



Setting our calender to the same structure as a local college such as UCONN.

  • Get out of school earlier in the year.
  • Longer vacations in general.

  • Board of Education would have to design an entirely new schedule.
  • The curriculem schedule would be majorly altered.
  • Students would have a longer vacation to forget what they learned.
  • Difficult new calendar to adapt, etc.


Taking CAPT tests/other various tests during February break to lengthen summer vacation.

  • The curriculem would not have to be retaught by the teachers to refresh the student's minds.
  • The Summer vacation would be lengthened.

  • The Board of Education would have to be convinced to change the CAPT testing schedule for every school in Connecticut since all schools must administer the tests at the same time.
  • Students may be more successful or productive on the tests if they just had a week vacation.


Please vote on one of the options that you believe is best OR suggest your own!

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