2931753703_af94daa31b.jpgOur public policy:

The big picture is that break for high school students during the school day Is needed. The plan to be proposed is that the school would be running on an advisory day schedule all the time, where there would be aproximately a 30 minute break time. The shift in the daily schedule would give students the opportunity to receive physical activity, social time, as well as a study period for students that prevously could not fit one. It is for the well being of not only the student body but also staff members. This would only be cutting down academic times down to 40 minutes a class instead of the usual 44 minute blocks in the schedule, where is is barly no difference.

With the break vs. without break:

*Whithout the break students behavior and test scores would change.

-With a break added to the school day schedual, students would become more focused and less prone to act out in school.

-Without a break in the school day, students and faculty will not have a time to re-focas and relax. This would maximize their learning and teaching capabilities throughout the day.

Advantages and disadvantages:

-Some advantages are: break would make students less restless and more focused during the day. This is mainly for the student body, but also for the faculity.

-Some disadvantages are: some students may vandalize property or may not be respectful. Also, there was an absence of respect from a few students when the break was once active. Therefore, students need to understand that the only way it will contuine, if it starts again, is if they are respectful because the minority will ruin it for the majority.

Who needs to be influenced:

The faculty, but more over the principal and vice principal needs to be influenced because the break used to be ran by the assistant principal. Also, the student body has a large influence over this possible policy to be passed because they want a break, so they dont really need to be inffluenced. The more people that are aware of this proposision, the more likely this policy will be passed. No government officials need to be involved for this to be passed because the scale is not that big and they do not need to be involved, this only has to do with our school comunity.

How we plan to accomplish this:

We plan to present the proposal to all faculty members, bringing up the advantages and disadvantages in a bref meeting. At the end of the meeting te faculty members will have a vote and majority will win. coach_potato!!!!!!!!!!!!!.jpgIn order for this to happen, the faculty will need to stay after school for approximatey ten minutes that way we can present our proposal to them. When we are finished presenting, the faculty will then either vote for or against having this policy in our school system. To some people that are not informed of this issue, this may not be a very important possible policy, but to people who are informed it is a large concern so people need to be deffinitly informed. Having a break, "recess", would benefit a large population of the students and faculty. There would be more socializing, and less students being secluded from other groups of students. This also promotes face-to-face communication instead of the usual technology that prevents people from having these types of conversations with all of the new technology. Overall, everyone who attends school during the day, including the faculity members, would benefit from a break. This is needed and it is feasable. Students just need to be responsible because the minority will ruian if for the minority. If there are any problems after starting, the school will be able to take it away and the school will go back to having no break, because behavior and cooperation are key for the student body to help make this work.


Political Cartoons

This political cartoon shows that obesity is becoming a big problem in the world, but expecially the United States of America. Also many people are being made fun of for their obesity. The docter is making fun of the guy on the table, by saying that he could be a goalie for a hockey team so that he could block the goal while "participating in a sport". Which would hopefully result in weight lose. Stress is also a main cause for weight gain. By having a break students and faculity members would have a time to relax and not have stress build up, which could cause weight gain. Most people would then agree that there should be a break added for faculity and students to not get too stressed out throughout the day.

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*For a healthy diet people are supposed to eat a small snack every 3 hours and the student break is therefore promoting the students to be healthy.*